Leadership Development

We offer custom-made learning & development solutions for your team and business. Our programs bring the growth of your talents internally to enable the growth of your business externally.

Mentoring for leaders and managers

Are you a leader? Are you a manager? Do you supervise a team? If so, invest in the individual mentoring to strengthen your leadership skills.

Authentic Leadership – Master Program

Authentic Leadership Master Program is the most comprehensive process for mastery in leadership and life.

Conscious Leadership – Workshop

This workshop develops a personally effective style of leadership that positively influences and changes yourself, others and your organization.

Women Empowerment – Leadership Program

The comprehensive leadership program to empower Women Leadership

Skill Pill for managers

Manager, mentor or coach?

How to combine all 3 roles in 1 and make it work? How to juggle the roles for inspirational and; powerful leadership? Join our WORKSHOP and find out.

Managing & Communicating in Change

How to navigate the landscape of constant change without getting lost, compromising the quality, missing the deadlines, going over budget?

Client Facing Communications

Strengthen your credibility and master the skills of presentation delivery & strategic business writing. Take your Client Facing communication skills to the next level.

Skill Pill for employees

Win your Customers over the Phone

How to equip today your front-line staff with the skills that will prepare them for tomorrow's reality in service excellence?

Win your Customers over Chat & Email

How efficiently our agents handle the emails/chats? How confident are we that they have the best in class business writing skills to build positive relations and Customer's loyalty?

Setting priorities & achieving targets

How to enjoy multitasking without feeling pressured to deliver against the clock?