Skill Pill for employees

Win your Customers over the Phone

About the workshop

The pressure to provide excellent customer service remains but the landscape of customer service skills is changing with machine learning and artificial intelligence coming into the picture. The question is how to equip today your front-line staff with the skills that will prepare them for tomorrow’s reality in service excellence?

Would you risk Customers’ loyalty by not having your staff properly trained to handle phone conversations. Our workshop builds the skills and confidence so that your Client facing staff can manage every phone call and create positive experiences for your Customers.

The workshop is not a typical start-middle-end of conversation training. It builds on the foundations of call handling structure and listenting/questioning skills only to take it to the next level of analytical thinking, persuasion and customer advice.

The offer includes training needs analysis based on discovery exercise to understand the end customer’s needs & expectations.

Workshop outline

  • Welcome
  • Defining moments in a phone call.
  • Managing the conversation in an engaging way.
  • How to understand fully the request/enquiry?
  • How to sell unwanted solution?
  • How to identify and negotiate alternatives?
  • How to manage own & client’s emotions?
  • Difficult Client or Client with a difficulty?
  • Building your professional brand over the phone – best practices.
  • Your 30-60-90 action plan.

Workshop benefits

You will KNOW

  • the power phrases and questions that engage the customer;
  • how to apply the concept of transactional analysis to handle most challenging interactions;
  • the 2 types of influencing styles and problem solving tools to identify ways to meet and opportunities to exceed customer’s expectations;

You will FEEL

  • confident in phone handling;
  • motivated to deliver best quality service in every phone conversation;
  • satisfied with building positive relations and your professional brand;

You will DO

  • communicate successfully to engage the Customer;
  • apply the newly learnt tools in practice;

Bonuses included in the training


power phrases toolkit

Workshop Audience

  • frontline agents providing customer service over the phone


  • Duration: 8h
  • Max number of participants: 12
  • Materials provided: workbook for participants