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Dear Leader, when was the last time you felt anger?

Fear, anger, guilt or sadness are the “negative” emotions that most leaders think of as undesirable in a workplace. What if these feelings can serve you and your team members?

Emotions don’t belong in the workplace – or do they?

Emotions don’t belong in the workplace – or do they? Depends on who you ask and how they lead their team! Is emotional intelligence true value or yet another buzz word?

Leadership in the new “BANI” world

What is the BANI world? Will it replace VUCA? What does “leadership” look like in the new reality? What is the first step to effective management in post-pandemic conditions and in the digital era?

What kind of leader are you?

What kind of leader are you? Is your leadership style a response to current and future needs? Find out who the Leader 4.0 is, what are the competences of the future and what will guarantees your leadership success.

8 ways to develop Conscious Leadership (part 2)

Another portion of tips on how to develop a Conscious Leader and be successful.

8 ways to develop Conscious Leadership (part 1)

How to effectively and consciously manage a team? It’s time to lead consciously & authentically.

How to debunk coaching myths in Poland.

You may ask the question: what myths? Or why does coching need saving at all? Well it does. Read my article and find out.

8 skills of a conscious leader in the times of VUCA and AI

What does the conscious leadership have in common with future skills? How to prepare today for the challenges of tomorrow?

How to appreciate your employees when rewarding is not enough?

What to do when bonus or other incentive programs no longer work? Motivate others by appreciation and increase employee engagement!