The DOTWAY story

Our vision is to empower change through people development.
Your growth is our mission. Your successes our biggest motivation.

Paulina and Anna met in 2007. It was the very first day of onboarding in one of the most prestigious global companies. They worked together for 5 years, then took on separate career paths to meet back again in 2018. With more than 10 000 training hours completed in 10 countries on 4 continents and experience of managing teams up to 100 people, Paulina and Anna reached the turning point. DOTWAY became the formula to connect their corporate experience and best international practice with a 100% passion and commitment to bring you the tailored learning & development solutions.

How can we help you?

DOTWAY Learning & Development Solutions is the first and only provider of Core Energy™ coaching solutions in Poland including the Energy Leadership Program™ and the Energy Leadership Index™ assessment. We support you to get to your Core first – your potential, true desires and values. Then, we work to remove the blockers that stop you from fulfilling your aspirations. Finally, we add empowering energy to reach your goals, step by step. Core Energy™ solutions help not only individuals, but also teams and organizations bring their potential to life.

We enable you, your team & your business to reach the maximum of your potential with the solutions tailored to your needs:

4E What makes us unique?


international corporate experience which brings the world-class solutions, best practices and real-life case studies


linking the project management approach, continuous improvement & lean tools with psychology in business is like putting the Swiss watch cogwheels in motion


delivery end-to-end design with needs analysis, tailored solution, evaluation, and follow-up support to make you and your team a champion.

Energy of Core

is the main ingredient of our unique, ICF accredited methodology with tools recommended by Forbes Coaches Council

About Our Team

"Born to thrive, not survive."


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As a child I always wanted to be a teacher. Not a princess or astronaut or American pop star :)

Moreover, I started my career as a teacher only to discover there are more opportunities to do what I love. Inspire you to develop, sometimes challenge, facilitate your learning process and see you grow, achieve goals, celebrate successes. Throughout the

years I traveled around the globe working for international corporations and gathering invaluable experiences as customer service professional, a master trainer in business, coach and manager. I met terrific people and teams and realized that while helping others & companies to develop, I have outgrown all my dreams of who I could be as a professional. Today, to effectively support others, all over the world, my passion changed into a full-time job. And I'm up for it!

Take a
quantum leap
in your life & business


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Everyone is a leader, either by default or by choice. Yes, YOU are a leader, too.

As an HR consultant I help organizations to create and implement impactful HR, talent & leadership strategies.

As a business trainer, I help business to grow by developing their leadership teams, their skills, strengths and authenticity to become the organization which makes a difference.

As an business & life coach, I help organizations & leaders to raise their effectiveness & consciousness so that they could bring the success and live & work how they desire.


“I truly believe I was able to reach my goals because of the support Anna has offered and the fact that she not only believed in me offering kind words but was brave enough to challenge me and indicate an alternative way of thinking or simple taking me down to earth''
Joanna Rotocka, Shell

"I can recommend Anna's expertise in mentoring and advising on all kinds of career development, such as interview preparation and CV improvement. Anna displays impressive speaking skills, such as her high level of English and effective listening skills. I whole-heartedly recommend her skills and services."
Mark Bonnett, Trans Trans Limited

"Anna is recognized for being excellent leader, who motivates others through her sense of ownership and commitment. I have seen her dedication for the job, I have followed her leadership and I have seen people growing thanks to her openness and guidance which, in my opinion, are crucial qualities to be a great Leader."
Alicja Matlak, Shell

"In Paulina I found a true Training master to look up to. I was allowed August 2018 to be in one her of Training development courses. The whole training went by in light speed due to being one of the best learning experiences I witnessed. We received a comprehensive, fun and practical training framework. Since we could see it all materialized in Paulina´s course, it is easy to make it happen in our working space." Jose Reyes Garcia, Arvato

"Exigent and supportive, very intelligent and wise, perfectly organized, with great sense of humour. I recommend her not only as a great leader that people follow but a role model in many aspects, inspirational, passionate about life, thinking broadly and having a great culturally oriented insight”.
Agnieszka Sałabun, Shell

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