Hi, this is Anna and Paulina.

We run an energetic and vibrant consulting and training company . We provide business consulting, career consulting, personal development workshops and training for leaders.
We specialize in the development of conscious & effective teams.
Let’s talk how we can help you.

How do we work?

You choose
the format of how we work:
stationary, online or hybrid.

You define
the length, modules and sequence of
the project so that it is best suited to
your needs.

You decide
what is your priority, we enable agile,
fast and effective skill development.

unique service

With personal development workshops for leaders and employees, training for managers, business and personnel consulting, we work to strengthen the personal resilience and conscious development by focusing on:

Attitude and reactions
we help you understand how to use the potential of 7 styles of personal

The upside of stress
we strengthen the empowering response to the challenge.

Positive intelligence
we minimize the impact of 9 internal saboteurs.

These solutions are based on breakthrough research, transformational coaching methodology accredited by ICF and attitudinal assessment recommended by the Forbes Coaches Council ™.

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