Skill Pill for managers

Manager, mentor or coach?

About the workshop

People don’t quit a job, the saying goes — they quit a boss. Is it really the case? Why certain leaders are perceived as inspirational and successful and the others aren’t? What is the role of a leader in constantly changing environment? How to ‘swap hats’ to have meaningful conversations? How to coach or manage colleagues without direct supervision? If you ask yourself these questions let’s meet and answer them together.

Workshop outline

  • Welcome & intro
  • Who is a leader, what are its attributes and styles?
  • Definitions, distinctions and benefits of 3 roles: coach, mentor and manager.
  • How to use each role and switch them when necessary.
  • What is the right communication style to use and influence others.
  • Core Energy Coaching Process
  • Wrap up: your 30-60-90 action plan.

Workshop benefits

You will KNOW

  • What are the distinctions between the role of a manager, coach and mentor.
  • What are the attributes of each role.
  • How and when to use each style to address the needs.
  • What Energy Coaching is and what are its benefits to create high performance.

You will FEEL

  • Equipped with knowledge on differences between the roles.
  • Confident to swap each role when necessary and use it effectively.
  • Empowered to use Energy Coaching techniques to create high motivation &performance.

You will DO

  • Recognize which style to use depending on situation and have meaningfulconversations.
  • Use each style autonomously and confidently incl. verbal and non-verbal language.
  • Switch appropriate style to successfully influence others and deliver desirable results.
  • Apply Energy Coaching tools and techniques and benefit from it.

Bonuses included in the workshop

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Workshop Audience

If you are:

  • a manager or leader
  • a specialist aspiring for leadership role in the future
  • a professional who delivers through others without direct supervision
  • a professional who needs to use different leadership styles to influence others

then this workshop will help you boost your skills.


Duration: 8h
Max number of participants: 12
Trainers: Paulina Maslich, Anna Rząca
Materials provided: workbook for participants
Catering: snacks & water