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Conscious Leadership for Women – Development Program

About the program

“Energy Leadership™ is the process that develops a personally effective style of leadership and positively influences and changes not only yourself, but also those with whom you work and live.” (iPEC coaching). Being a leader today to prepare those around you for the challenges of tomorrow is not an easy task. There still doesn’t seem to exist a single formula for the perfect leadership style. And we don’t argue there is. What works for some, may not work for the others. What works on some occasions, may not work at all times. One thing remains certain, though, and that is your leadership potential – at work and in life.

Conscious Leadership & Emotional Intelligence
  • self-awareness: my leadership 7 levels of attitude (based on ELI assessment)
  • ideal image: my leadership strengths and gaps
  • 4 internal blockers and removing my barriers to success
  • 4 cores of emotional intelligence for leaders

What we offer:


  • more effectiveness;
  • less efforts;
  • more fulfillment;
  • self-awareness & conscious leadership.


  • full report from Energy Leadership Index assessment;
  • individual coaching on the results of your E.L.I. assessment;
  • access to SCOPE™️ app (Specific Current Operational Profile of Energy) – a mobile application based on ELI™️ which gives your profile of energy at any given moment with respect to the specific task you’re rating. SCOPE™️ also shows you which factors are influencing your energy state and gives you suggestions for how you can shift to a more anabolic (powerful, constructive) energy.


  • 4 days/ 8 workshops/ total of 32 hours;
  • 2 hours of individual pre-work before program launch, 30 minutes of post class assignments;
  • 90 minutes individual core energy coaching session after module 1;
  • groups of 6 – 16 participants;
  • Your investment: contact us for pricing.

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Program Audience

  • managers and leaders (all levels)

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