Business and career fulfillment

What if you lived with courage to your full potential?

Your potential is often limited by stress, overwhelm and internal saboteurs. As a coach, I support you in building real success in business and career, while feeling fulfilled in life.

Business and career fulfillment <br> coaching

What’s your story?

If you are not getting the effectiveness, results, successes in your career, team or company then you must be overlooking something… Or you may be making progress, achieving goals, bringing results but they come at a high cost of energy, time, money, overwhelm, disengagement and frustration.


Where to go next if you are stuck? Let’s talk!



The problems I help to solve:

  • you are stuck in your current role, feeling overwhelmed and drained out of energy
  • you are dissatisfied with your career path and longing for change
  • as a leader or manager you are struggling with being effective at work and feeling balanced in life
  • as an entrepreneur or business owner (or thinking of becoming one) you are anxious about your success


What do you get out of our coaching:

  • effectiveness and success at work
  • balance and fulfillment in life
  • self-awareness on how to manage your internal saboteurs and external challenges in an empowering way
  • practical tools that help you identify your potential and strengthen your self-resilience
  • a realistic action plan to help you reach your desired goals and changes
  • courage to go after what you really want out of life and career


10 reasons why it’s worth to work with me:

My childhood taught me a life lesson of resourcefulness, perseverance and confidence that you have everything in you to go against the odds. I was successful in college and with my first job applications. I had my career failures too. They taught me one thing: be ready when the opportunity comes. Since then, for the past 10 years I did not have to search for a new job. Instead I had the career and life opportunities coming my way and I worked smart to make the most out of each. It allowed to me build a vast expertise and experience I can share with you:

  1. cultural diversity: traveled around 4 continents
  2. relocation & starting from scratch experience: lived 3 years on expatriate assignments (USA, Ireland)
  3. best-in class know-how: worked with Shell, Arvato for Google & Microsoft during my corporate career
  4. international training experience: delivered workshops in 8 countries (USA, Brazil, China, India, Philippines, Ireland, Poland, Romania) with over 5,000 participants and 10,000 training hours
  5. learning & development expert: developed global training programs on customer service culture, corporate trainer upskilling, soft collections
  6. managerial & leadership background: managed teams across global locations, implemented leadership development program on 4 continents/in 6 countries
  7. VUCA change management: as certified LEAN Practitioner gained experience in managing continuous improvement projects
  8. project management effectiveness: transitioned knowledge-transfer processes from high cost to low cost locations
  9. upskilled in psychology: in training and business
  10. living a fulfilled life: co-owning a company, having a cozy home, loving and being loved



If you  know you want more from life, from your career, from your business – then allow me to help you bring your potential to life.

How would the coaching look like?

I believe you have all the answers within you to be happy, fulfilled and successful. My role as a coach is to help you:

  • discover how much of your potential you use now;
  • identify what your real desires are;
  • set achievable goals to bring your potential, values and desires to life;
  • overcome your inner blockers and develop mental strength;
  • learn to deal with challenges in an empowering way (based on the attitudinal assessment ELI™);
  • create a realistic action plan with baby steps for quick wins and big impact;
  • grow you self-awareness, self-confidence and courage so that you could live fully after our coaching is complete.

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3 key things about our coaching process:

Who do I work with?

  • leaders and managers;
  • entrepreneurs/business owners;
  • marketing and sales professionals;
  • individuals looking for a career makeover.

How does the process look like?

  • our sessions are online;
  • we start with 90 minutes discovery session;
  • 2nd session is the debrief of your attitudinal assessment results (also 90 minutes);
  • we continue our coaching with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly 60-minutes sessions;
  • total number of sessions is 4 to 12 depending on the package.

What do I receive if I decide to sign up?

On top of our sessions:

  • individual results of the attitudinal ELI™ assessment;
  • access to a mobile application in which you can measure at any point your attitude towards an upcoming task;
  • two 15-min emergency coaching sessions (*depending on the package).

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