Skill Pill for employees

Win your Customers over Chat & Email

About the workshop

When the templates are not enough and human touch is missing – ensure your Client facing staff are equipped with the right tools to communicate effectively over email/chat.

Business Insider refers to a research from where supposedly we send nowadays 200 billion email messages each day. Looking at the customer service a big portion of it is still provided over the email and chat. Do we know, though, how efficiently our agents handle those emails and are we confident they have the best in class business writing skills to build positive relations and Customer’s loyalty?

The workshop is not a typical beginning, middle and end of the email structured training. It builds on the foundation of professional layout but takes the business writing skills to the new level. It brings you the international best practices and proven solutions to create powerful and positive business communication and win your Customers.

The offer includes training needs analysis based on discovery exercise to understand the end customer’s needs & expectations.

Workshop outline




  • Welcome
  • Defining moments in business writing
  • 10 Cs of effective business writing.
  • Business writing strategies.
  • Top 5 mistakes – how to turn disaster into success?
  • How to handle complaints?
  • Building your professional brand over the email/chat – best practices.
  • Your 30-60-90 action plan.

Workshop benefits

You will KNOW

  • the power phrases to create positive experiences for the Customer;
  • how to apply the concept of 10Cs and business writing strategies in practice;
  • effectively manage the incoming emails & chats;

You will FEEL

  • confident in addressing the queries and escalations;
  • motivated to deliver best quality service in every interaction;
  • satisfied with building positive relations and your professional brand;

You will DO

  • communicate successfully to engage the Customer;
  • apply the newly learnt tools in practice;

Bonuses included in the workshop

Bonus 1:

power phrases toolkit

Bonus 2:

10Cs cheatsheet

Workshop Audience

  • frontline agents providing customer service over the email/chat


  • Duration: 8h
  • Max number of participants: 12
  • Materials provided: workbook for participants