Skill Pill for managers

Client Facing Communications

About the workshop

Ever happened to you that you couldn’t sleep the night before big presentation for your Client? Ever had an escalation to resolve? Whether we deal with internal Customers from other departments or external Clients one of the key skills is effective communication. When we talk about Client Facing Communication it is taking the skill to a different level. The importance of successful communication becomes a key in building lasting relations.

Discover with us the simple techniques for boosting you public speaking skills in front of the Client as well as enhancing your email writing.

Workshop outline



Powerful presentations:

  • Top 10 challenges & mistakes in Client Facing presentations.
  • Preparation & design – tips from world’s best speakers.
  • Delivery: best practices & proven solutions.
  • Shaping expectations & handling objections.
  • Handling Q&As.

Effective email communication:

  • Strategic business writing.
  • Complaint handling – best practices.

Wrap up: your 30-60-90 action plan.

Workshop benefits

You will KNOW

  • 3 steps for effective preparation
  • tips & tricks behind successful presentation delivery
  • 2 strategies in business writing and scenarios when to apply

You will FEEL

  • relieved being well prepared
  • confident presenting and handling challenges
  • encouraged to reply to escalations in a professional manner
  • successful building partnership with your Clients through quality communications

You will DO

  • achieve the goals of your speech or presentation
  • impress others with powerful delivery
  • build your professional brand through strong presentation & business writing skills

Bonuses included in the workshop

Bonus 1:

presentation preparation cheatsheet

Bonus 2:

business writing guide

Workshop Audience

If you are:

  • a manager or leader
  • a project manager
  • a specialist frequently presenting in front of the internal/external Clients
  • a professional who would like to improve his/her Client Facing communication skills

then this workshop will help you boost your skills.


Duration: 8h

Max number of participants: 12

Trainers: Paulina Maslich, Anna Rząca

Materials provided: workbook for participants