Skill Pill for employees

Setting priorities & achieving targets

About the workshop

Can we really manage time? Or should we rather manage ourselves in time? We all have exactly the same amount of time during the day. Bill Gates has 24 hours, I have 24 hours, you have 24 hours. The difference is how we plan and then how we manage what we do. In everyday jobs we all have multiple goals to achieve, tasks to complete and surprises that may take us off the track. What secrets some have that they seem to achieve a lot and at the same time enjoy what they do?

The workshop helps to identify the best ways to prioritize the tasks, plan strategically and adjust if needed. It focuses on you and your daily patterns, including ways to concentrate and overcome stress. You decide if you want to do more in less time. Or would you prefer to do less and have more time?

Workshop outline



  • Welcome.
  • The circle of time – your day at work.
  • Covey’s quadrants – setting priorities.
  • Distractors and concentration techniques.
  • Stress – ways to overcome.
  • Start/stop/continue action plan.

Workshop benefits

You will KNOW

  • Covey’s quadrants and how to apply them in setting priorities;
  • your own distracters/time thieves and how to overcome these;
  • what stresses you most in multitasking and how to manage time pressure;

You will FEEL

  • aware how to avoid typical multitasking mistakes;
  • relaxed knowing which activities to focus on;

You will DO

  • introduce changes to your daily routine immediately;
  • prioritize and plan accordingly;
  • complete tasks in time without feeling pressured;

Bonuses included in the workshop


prioritizing cheatsheet

Workshop Audience

  • front office and back office staff handling multiple tasks
  • anybody wishing to improve organizational skills


  • Duration: 8h
  • Max number of participants: 12
  • Materials provided: workbook for participants