Skill Pill for managers

Managing & Communicating in Change

About the workshop

Some say when you travel it is not really about reaching the destination but about experiencing the journey. Linking this to change which we all experience in life and at work we may disagree and say both the goal and the path to reaching the goal is equally important. The challenges arise in today’s fast paced world when we are pulled into managing multiple changes at the same time. The question is how to navigate the landscape of constant change without getting lost, compromising the quality, missing the deadlines, going over budget?Join us for a unique workshop which takes you on a journey through managing change successfully and communicating effectively.

Some companies succeed in managing change, many struggle though. What distinguishes the winning ones? Learn more on our workshop by discovering the tools and best practices to enhance your skills to empower the change.

Workshop outline




Postcard – defining change.

Levin vs.Kotter – short story about different approaches to managing change

Project ‘LOFT’ – business simulation.

Change toolkit:

  • Treasure map: goal setting, planning out stages, timeliness, communication, risks and stakeholders management
  • Smooth sailing: monitoring and adjusting the course
  • Reaching the port: change implemented and now what?


Workshop benefits

You will KNOW

  • the sources of change and resistance and how to tackle them;
  • proven solutions (including verified tools) for mapping out the goals, stages, timeliness, risks and stakeholders;
  • how to identify and address 5 types of reactions to change;

You will FEEL

  • aware of own and others emotions during change;
  • confident to handle the emotions & reactions with the right approach;
  • motivated to try out new solutions;
  • encouraged to take proactive approach;

You will DO

  • communicate successfully to engage others;
  • apply the newly learnt tools in practice;
  • manage the change end-to-end and adjust the process when required.

Bonuses included in the workshop

Bonus materials for all participants

change management toolkit with templates

Workshop Audience

If you are:

  • a manager or leader
  • a project manager
  • a specialist frequently involved in projects
  • a professional who would like to improve his/her change management skills

then this workshop will help you boost your skills.


Duration: 16 hours

Max number of participants: 12

Trainers: Paulina Maslich, Anna Rząca

Materials provided: workbook for participants