Energy Leadership Index™

A Mirror That Reflects Your World

Having talents, skills, potential is one thing - our attitude and typical reactions are another. The biggest benefit of the ELI™ assessment is that it gives the tangible data on how we see, feel and perceive the world. Moreover, it describes our reactions (including under stress) and helps us to understand why sometimes even though we try our best, things are not working out.

Energy Leadership Index™

What is Energy Leadership Index™?

Unlike the other assessments, Energy Leadersgip Assessment™️ (ELI™️) is an attitudinal assessment, not a personality-based one, which helps to identify how we view the world through filters based on our experiences, values, and assumptions — they either limit what you see (like tunnel vision) or expand it (like a prism). Assessment helps to realize how your perception affects how you show up in different situations and could even be holding you back from realizing the full potential in yourself, your life, and your career.


The ELI™️ is a research-based tool that takes something abstract, like the way we view the world, and turns it into something tangible — a metric, in other words a chart that describes how we can see and feel the world around us.


The ELI™️ is subjective. You can think of it this way – if you’re wearing blue glasses, the world appears to be blue. If you’re wearing pink glasses, everything looks pink. Your perceptions determine your reality. The assessment measures how YOU read and perceive the world. The assessment reveals not only how you approach life when things are going the way they normally do for you, but also it shows your most common reactions to stress.

The ELI™️ was created based on the 7 levels of leadership and the work of Bruce D. Schneider and the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), certified byInternational Coach Federation (ICF).

How do you show up in the World?

You’re probably very familiar with catabolic energy and don’t even know it.

A leader who’s always in a bad mood, who creates tension wherever s/he goes? That’s catabolic energy in a nutshell. This energy of worry, frustration, and blame is ultimately destructive and if left unchecked, can create a depressing, toxic environment.

In contrast, anabolic energy is constructive and fuels creativity. Someone operating in the anabolic energy range has the ability to motivate and inspire others to do extraordinary things, influence positive outcomes, and create incredible change within every area of their life.

ELI™️ uses seven different energy “levels” to describe the types of energy a person experiences and expresses starting at the lowest level of ‘a Victim’ finishing at a ‘Creator’ approach. When combined with the personally-tailored Energy Leadership Index debrief, the ELI™️ assessment can help you look closely at where (and how) you’re investing your energy. In this way, you’ll be able to make a plan and adjust your priorities in support of your work and life goals.

The program includes:

  • individual ELI™️ assessment;
  • 90 to 120-minute-individual debrief session;
  • team session for group results (if applicable);
  • individual predominant leadership levels and their interplay;
  • individual/team Energetic Profile & Energetic Stress Reaction;
  • the Energetic Self Perception Chart;
  • advantages & disadvantages of each level;
  • opportunities for further development.

About the ELI™️ assessment

  • it’s an online tool with 84 questions;
  • each participant receives unique access;
  • it takes up to 30 minutes to fill it in;
  • participants are required to complete the assessment 1-2 weeks prior to the debrief session or group workshop;
  • client receives 11-page report with individual results;
  • data processing agreement with iPEC (GDPR) is available upon request.


Your Bonus

access to SCOPE™️ app (Specific Current Operational Profile of Energy) – an application based on ELI™️ which gives your profile of energy at any given moment with respect to the specific task you’re rating. SCOPE™️ also shows you which factors are influencing your energy state and gives you suggestions for how you can shift to a more anabolic (powerful, constructive) energy.

How does ELI™ program look like for an individual client?

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Ranked in the Top 3 assessments which every executive should take by the Forbes Coaches Council. 'Assessment provides a unique lens on self-awareness and emotional intelligence, two key ingredients for any leader. Situational awareness of yourself and others is critical for a leader to respond appropriately to the people in their charge. Understanding where you are at any moment and how you respond to stress can make all the difference.'

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