8 ways to develop Conscious Leadership (part 2)


How to develop own effectiveness in conscious way?


This is the second part of the article on how to consciously and effectively manage a team in order to effectively motivate, inspire yourself and others, and thus achieve success.

You can find the first part of the article here 8 ways to develop Conscious Leadership (part 1)

Below, you will find more tips, which will help you to strengthen your Conscious Leader.


5. Health & wellness.


Life is like juggling.

3 balls = 3 aspects of life.

Family, work, health.

One of the three balls is crystal.

Which ball is this crystal for you?

And why is this health?

Family and work always are and will be, even if we make a mistake.

It’s different with health. You drop a crystal ball once, and either you never pick it up, or you try to fix it for a long time. Believe me, I know what I’m saying.

Why does our crystal ball often end up at the end of the task list?


Because we have conflicting priorities. For example: do I stay at work longer and support the team, or do I choose time for myself?

To take care of others, you need to take care of yourself first:

1. Have your own definition of health and well-being. Yours only, not the one others impose on you.

2. Which activities match your definition and will help you maintain your well-being? Which ones are realistic and will work for you? Why are they important to you?

3. If you want to give up your well-being and health, then ask yourself: what other priority appears here and why?

4. Make a conscious decision which ball you want to choose at this moment. And if you feel discomfort after your choice, then go back to point 2.

6. Time management & balance.


Each of us has 24 h. Not a single second less, not more. How we differ, is how we perceive time and how we manage it.

Let’s compare 2 perspectives. Which sounds familiar to you?

  1. Time is running out and is working against me. I have to fight every day to make up for everything.
  2. How I spend my day is up to me. I can do nothing or focus on something creative and exciting. It’s completely up to me.


It turns out that many of us are constantly fighting against the ′′to-do-list”′ and we measure our success by the number of tasks completed. This perspective is interesting, especially as we are “human beings′′ not ′′human doings′′, so where does this constant fight come form?

Conscious leaders are aware of the importance of goal, strategy and tactics. This allows them to focus their energy on what is important and pursue what they want.

  • Goal: desirable final result – does it respect your values?
  • Strategy: action plan – does it bring you closer to your goal?
  • Tactics: daily activities – do they relate to your strategy?


And what’s your goal, strategy and tactics?


7. Problem solving.


There are 7 ways to solve problems and each of us makes a decision, every day, which way we choose. Consciously or unconsciously.

  • How do you know if your way is the most effective?
  • Does your way strengthen team motivation?
  • Does it inspire others?
  • Does it guarantee the most effective solution?

Which of the 7 ways would you say is yours?


1. You ignore the problem or hide from it, hoping it disappears.

2. You fight to win and muscle your way to through to victory.

3. You face the problem or challenge, rationalize it and find an easy solution for yourself.

4. You look for a solution to make your team and coworkers happy.

5. You analyze the problem and find a solution that is good for everyone involved.

6. You understand that the problem or the challenge is only an opportunity to learn & develop, and you approach this challenge as a chance for you and others.

7. You are aware that everything that happens in life is an inseparable part of it, you can’t lose, you can’t win. All you can do is play the game called “life”.

There are no good or bad ways to handle a problem. Each of the 7 ways has its advantages and disadvantages. Question is, which of the 7 ways will work in the long run? Or which is a better chance of success for you as a leader, but also for your team?

8. Productivity.


Productivity can be defined by 3 concepts:

1️. Getting things done.

2️. Making quick, accurate & SMART decisions.

3️. Inspiring yourself and others to strengthen effectiveness, innovation & creativeness.

Working with leaders has shown that the biggest difficulty, is making quick and accurate decisions, especially when they have serious impact on the team or the business.

“Working with leaders has shown that the biggest difficulty, is making quick and accurate decisions, especially when they have serious impact on the team or the business.”

This could result from 4 things:

  • The fear of making the wrong choices.
  • Treating responsibility as ′necessary evil′.
  • Making any decisions just to get them off the plate.
  • Making sure your team is satisfied first, without considering you as a leader or the business


So how does the Conscious Leader work?

  • Takes 100% responsibility for own decisions.
  • Makes sure all decisions bring new opportunities for the team, as well as the business.
  • Decisions leader takes, reflect his or her experience and who she/he is as a Leader.
  • Making quick and accurate decisions is effortless.

These were the 8 skills of Conscius Leader.


What about you? What kind of leader are you?

What leaders do you see in your organization?

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