My natural approach is to serve others. What’s yours?


Energy mix

What do 7 levels of leadership, anabolic and catabolic energy have in common with my natural approach to serve others?

In our other article, we explain what anabolic and catabolic energy is but for the benefit of this article I’m recapping both types of energy.

The anabolic energy is constructive, healing, and growth-oriented. It helps you to move forward and achieve positive, long-term, successful results. Moreover, it’s useful in leading others in the same direction.

Catabolic energy, on the other hand, is draining, resisting and contracting. It might distract you and act like a blinder through which you only see a limited view of a situation and as a result it reduces the choices available to you.

If you are asking yourself a question what type of energy I have? The answer is: it depends 😊 Generally, different energy shows up in different situations in our life.

Everyone has a mix of different energies. We are just like a stock market. Every month, week or even day we go up & down. The beautiful thing is that when we raise our self-awareness, we become more conscious and we are able to shift ourselves up towards the anabolic energy.

The staircase

But what does it mean to go up? Let’s look at it as a staircase.

Imagine a staircase with 7 levels. These levels are called the 7 levels of energy or 7 levels of leadership. This concept was developed in 1999 by Bruce D Schneider, founder of Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.

You can think about each level as they way you react to different situations in your life. In other words, these levels describe the types of energy a person experiences and expresses when going through life. Let’s have a closer look at each level of leadership using an example of an employee with a manager who micromanages the team.

Level 1: I’m a victim. I don’t have a choice. I can’t. It’s my fault. I have to. I’m afraid.

“She checked all my e-mails again. I’m useless in business communication. I can’t write proper English and as I’m not a native speaker. I will never be good at it. I feel so sad & upset. I might get fired and it’s all my fault”.

Level 2: I’m a fighter. I’m angry. I need to fight for myself. I have to win.

“How could have she changed all my presentation slides! She didn’t leave a single one! Boss should support & coach instead of just changing everything without a word of explanation! I’m so mad at her. I will show her that I was right! “

Level 3: I’m a rationalizer. All is ok. All is fine. There needs to be a reason for it.

“My boss gave me the formative feedback today in front of everyone. That wasn’t pleasant but I guess he didn’t have time for 1-2-1 meeting. I just have to deal with it somehow. As always”.

Level 4: I’m a Care Giver. I feel for you. I want to serve you. You are always first.

“My manager asked me to stay overtime. Teamwork is important. I really want to be a team player and I want to support my manager & my team. If overtime is required – I will stay longer. My private matters can wait.”

Level 5: I’m an Opportunity Seeker. I’m looking for win-win. There’s no good or bad – right or wrong. Everything is an opportunity and I can help both of us to discover it.

“What is the opportunity in my relationship with my boss? How can we both use this situation to our benefits? What is it that we can learn here? How can we both feel satisfaction & fulfillment?”

Level 6: I’m Creator. I’m intuitive. I’m wise, kind & fair. I have permanent sense of pleasure, satisfaction & joy.

“I have the ability to feel and connect with others without judgment. We’re all connected and everything here has value and purpose.”

Level 7: I’m visionary. I feel complete passion in everything I do. We are all one. I’m fearless.

“I think objectively and I accept everything as it is. I feel complete passion and joy in this, and all situations.”

What’s in it for me?

You might have noticed that level 1 and 2 are largely catabolic and probably won’t bring about the greatest results, however, there is no good or bad energy level. Each level has its purpose (also 1 & 2) and every level has its advantages & disadvantages including levels 6 & 7. It’s also normal for us to cycle up and down the spectrum (like a stock market). We rarely hang out at one level all the time.

I titled this article “My natural approach is to serve others.” You can already figure out that my predominant level has been level 4 (the care giver). My natural reaction in most of the situations would be: I’ll do it. How can I help you? Can we work this out? Don’t worry about me.

It might sound as fantastic approach at first, however, in a long run it ends with compromise on my own anabolic energy and well-being. If you put others first in all situations and forget about yourself, most probably it will lead to a burnout at work and dissatisfaction in other areas of your life.

How do I know it? Well, I’ve been there and experienced it myself. The most important is to be aware of how you normally react and raise your consciousness how to move the scale up.

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This article contains Dotway interpretation of the copyrighted work of Bruce D Schneider and the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

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