How anabolic & catabolic energy impacts your life?


When within one week your car is crashed (everybody is OK), your optician tells you you need to have a surgery (not related to the crash but not the best timing either) and your orthopedist doesn’t have good news for your shoulder recovery (from a previous accident) it seems like a ‘don’t worry… it can always get worse’ never ending story. Or Stranger Things season 4 being filmed in your own reality.

But it is not a never ending story – it’s life that brings you moments of happiness and joy and some challenges and difficult situations as well. I can’t always influence what happens to me, but I can certainly influence how I respond.

I can fall into the trap of catabolic, draining, destructive thinking and energy or I can pay attention to my reactions to shift towards anabolic, empowering, solutions focused energy. What’s the difference?

The concept of anabolic and catabolic energies is linked with Core Energy™ coaching solutions (created by Bruce D. Schneider and iPEC). Core Energy™ relates to your core potential, desires and aspirations, removes your blockers that prevent you from bringing your potential to life and builds realistic action plans to reach your goals. What does this all mean in practice? Well, it helps you identify which situations trigger your catabolic, destructive reactions and how to overcome them to live your life to its full potential. And it all starts with self-reflection and self-awareness.




When my week started with a bang and followed with more ‘fireworks’ as a bonus I did fell into the catabolic energy trap. Trust me, you do too sometimes (or often). How can you recognize those situations? Easily, as long as you pay attention to your reactions:


  • You seem to be stuck in the vicious circle of concern and problems, constantly worrying about …
  • You may feel, think, believe there is no way out, no options …
  • You may be on the survival mode, feel hopeless about the situation, do nothing until it passes away, gets resolved somehow…
  • You may be on the fighter mode to resist the fact that something in your life is about to change, you may feel angry about the situation, act out of anger and frustration …
  • In the short term, your catabolic thoughts, feelings and/or beliefs might give you the boost to react when necessary, very often in stressful situations when your ‘buttons gets pushed’.
  • In the long term, your catabolic thoughts, feelings and/or beliefs will drain you out, will shift your attention away from solutions to problems and will narrow your perspective when looking for options.

But you are aware, very self-conscious in fact. And you realize that you may follow a different path. So when you face situations that throw you into catabolic thinking or feeling you stop for a moment. You ask yourself where is this all coming from and what impact it has on me? What if somebody with a totally different perspective would look at the same situation? And that is the first step to anabolic, empowering thinking. It:

  • gives you the energy that focuses on growth, solutions;
  • gives you a sense of freedom, choice, power and fulfillment;
  • enables you to have a helicopter view – more complete and conscious – of what is going on around you;
  • helps you to find solutions and come up with innovative ideas, even in difficult times;

So when Anna asked in the other blog article (on what core energy is) how bright would you lighten up if you had 1,000,000 WATTs potential (see full article about what core energy is here) I quickly thought 1,000,000 WATTs or even more! This week my life potential light bulb blinked for a moment – I hesitated and it seemed I went down to 0. But just for a millisecond. Re-shuffling some plans from holidays – car to car – holidays is a start, booking a spa weekend where I can catch up on my readings after the eye surgery is the next move. It is all within my range of possibilities. I also have a great physiotherapist now and more motivation to go to the swimming pool and gym than ever before in my life 🙂 Getting back on track to live my life to its full potential and squeeze it out like a lime in caipirinha on the beach 🙂 Till the very last drop and enjoy it 🙂

Do YOU live your life to its full potential?

If you liked this article, stay tuned for the next episodes on 7 levels of leadership with different anabolic/catabolic energy combinations, our blockers and much more to come!


This article contains Dotway interpretation of the copyrighted work of Bruce D Schneider and the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).