Authentic Leadership

Be authentic and make a difference.

I’m helping leaders and managers to find their purpose, so that they could lead & live with authenticity.

Authentic Leadership <br> Coaching

How do you define leadership?

  • We all lead, either by choice or by default.
  • Being a leader is demanding but also rewarding.
  • But leadership is not only about managing performance. True leadership is so much more.
  • It’s about innovation, inspiration and people.
  • Have you ever wondered how the world-class leaders create successful work & life environment?
  • Have you ever noticed how they use their creativity, intuition and charisma to boost their business?
  • What if you could become such a successful leader?
  • What if you could re-discover what’s important to you? What are your values?
  • What if I told you that you can use your authenticity to strengthen your leadership and inspire others for outstanding results?
  • How would you feel to find more effective ways of doing things?
  • And finally to re-energize your leadership, both at work & home?

I’m helping leaders and managers to find their purpose, so that they could lead & live with authenticity.




What’s my story?


I’ve always been very ambitious, loyal and hardworking. Using my passion, skills & competencies, I was thriving in the successful projects delivery and community leadership. I haven’t noticed the symptoms of fatigue which had been mounting up for years. At some point, my health problems kicked in. Both mental & physical. Fortunately, I had enough courage to ask for help. Therapy, coaching & gym – 3 things which helped me to get back on track. Therapy helped me to leave some old stories behind, coaching to realize what is it that I want first, and the gym taught me to respect my body.


My biggest realization, however, was that you need to know what’s important  and take care of yourself first, to be able to take care of others (both at home & work). It’s about knowing your values, where the priorities are and using own authenticity as your strength.


It’s about your life & work purpose and what it is that you really want and how to get there.

How can coaching help you?

You have everything what it takes to be a successful leader.
You have all the answers to your questions.
Believe in it.

But, sometimes, we can’t see it because of our fears and our natural tendency to judge (self and others).
Our assumptions, interpretations, limiting beliefs and gremlins (inner critics) don’t allow us to live & work to our full potential.


How can I help you?


I partner with you in a coaching relationship and help you to:

  • define your ideal leadership image;
  • discover your challenges and their source;
  • raise your self-awareness;
  • plan and set the goals together with the ways to achieve them;
  • focus on engaging & authentic leadership.


How will we do it?


Firstly, we will have a “Discovery session” to brainstorm on your leadership definition, your vision, your challenges and goals you would like to work on.

Secondly, you will complete the online Energy Leadership Index assessment and we will meet for a debrief session to discuss your “Energetic makeup”.

Next, we will agree what your priorities & goals are to be able to work on them in our next sessions. Number of sessions depend on your needs.

Lastly, I want you to close your eyes and imagine you are fearless. What will you do?

3 things about me:


  • family & friends,
  • health,
  • personal development,
  • loyalty,
  • security.


  • the gym (currently 80 kg in a deadlift),
  • travelling (the more exotic the better),
  • books (all-time favourite: Lord of the Rings),
  • a bit of a Netflix addiction 😉

Core Energy Coaching

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"It was pleasure to have Anna as my coach. I really like her sessions! She helped me a lot to understand why I wasn't able to do a step forward in several important areas in my life. She also helped me to take responsibility and she made me accountable for my goals and future plans. She' s a great listener, understands perfectly your mood and aspirations, definitely, she's a great coach!"

Angeles Caballero

"This is my personal growth and self-development journey with Anna: She helped me to channel my energy again and encouraged me to ask the core questions necessary to understand myself. I am so lucky that I have met her in my life."

Burcu Demirbaş

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