Leader on Standby meetup #3

Krakow, 25 November

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Leader on Standby meetup #3 (event in Polish)


How to manage your team without going mad 🙂


On November 25, 2019 at HEVRE in Krakow’s Kazimierz we will held another event. We’re meeting again for an open event of the leaders & managers community who either directly manage their team or work closely with others.

This initiative was created for leaders and managers who are always on their standby, ready to act and achieve their goals. But how to manage without going crazy? How about stopping for a while between KPIs, meetings, requests and challanges and meet with other leaders somewhere outside the openspace?

Hevre is a great place for such event especially for networking. We promise:

✅ good fun;

✅ news from the leadership world;

✅ mini-workshops.

Diversity above all!