Offer for Individuals

Your Resume & LinkedIn profile

Join our workshop for the best practices on eye-catching resumes, tailored applications and professional LinkedIn profiles to showcase your strengths. Stand out from the others - increase your chances to get your dream job!

Your Interview

Discover what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for. Learn how to demonstrate your skills & competencies in the most convincing way. Explore how to build & use your network to explore new job opportunities. Join our workshop to get a job you really want!

Individual Career Consultation

Time to make the right career choices? Get individual advice tailored to your needs and situation. Let’s discuss what your passion is, identify your strengths and options for your next career move.

Boost Your Public Speaking – Mystery Workshop

Imagine yourself presenting in a business meeting with confidence, captivating your audience and feeling stress-free. Mystery workshop is inviting participants to unique places & boosting your public speaking skills.

Personal Branding for leaders & trainers

Trying to build authentic and respected image at work? Struggling to persuade others? Join our workshop to build your own, powerful professional brand. Choose what suits best based on your values, strengths and talent.

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Personal Branding for Internal Trainers

KRAKOW, 1 June (workshop in Polish)

Silver Package “Your resume and LinkedIn profile” and “Your Interview”

KRAKOW, 2 June (workshop in English)

Public speaking – mistery workshop

KRAKÓW, 9 June (workshop in Polish)

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Interview: how to master STARR answers?


Interview: how to master preparation?


Interview: how to showcase motivation?

CAREER BOOST Series #2 Coming soon!

Trainer’s toolkit: TIME

TRAINER ABROAD Series #1 Coming soon!

Offer for Companies

Synergy Leadership Program

Winning organizations have winning teams lead by inspiring leaders. Grow your leadership talent internally to bring the growth externally.

Corporate Trainer Upskilling Program

Unique upskilling programme aiming to develop in-house training skillset and enable tailored learning solutions that drive success of your business.

Customer Service Excellence 2.0

If you want your business to stand out from the others and deliver customer experience like no other - then this program is for you.

Anabolic Leadership & Organization

Coming this summer!

Skill Pill for managers

Manager, mentor or coach?

How to combine all 3 roles in 1 and make it work? How to juggle the roles for inspirational and; powerful leadership? Join our WORKSHOP and find out.

Managing & Communicating in Change

How to navigate the landscape of constant change without getting lost, compromising the quality, missing the deadlines, going over budget?

Client Facing Communications

Strengthen your credibility and master the skills of presentation delivery & strategic business writing. Take your Client Facing communication skills to the next level.

The Art of Empowerement

Coming this summer!

Skill Pill for employees

Win your Customers over the Phone

How to equip today your front-line staff with the skills that will prepare them for tomorrow's reality in service excellence?

Win your Customers over Chat & Email

How efficiently our agents handle the emails/chats? How confident are we that they have the best in class business writing skills to build positive relations and Customer's loyalty?

Setting priorities & achieving targets

How to enjoy multitasking without feeling pressured to deliver against the clock?

Skills in high demand: creativity & analytical thinking

Coming this spring!

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