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Mentoring for trainers

About mentoring for trainers

Does it ever happen to you that you are delivering training in business and don’t know:

  • how to effectively design the training/workshop?
  • how to successfully engage the participants?
  • how to explain complex theoretical concepts in an easy to understand and remember way?
  • how to coordinate the practical exercises without chaos?
  • how to manage time effectively?
  • how to deal with under/over-participation during a session?
  • how to deal with surprises and logistical issues without loosing confidence?
  • how to bring more variety and energy into your training?
  • how to build confidence and a strong brand as a trainer?


Then an individual mentoring session may be the answer to your needs. Mentoring is a form of support where the mentor shares the best practices and tips based on his/her own experience to empower the mentee’s upskilling.

What would we work on?

During our mentoring session we would focus on 2 to 4 areas from the list:

  • training needs analysis, objectives & curriculum building,
  • content creation (theory & instructions),
  • presenting theory,
  • coordinating practical exercises,
  • facilitation,
  • voice production & body language,
  • first and last impressions,
  • 8 techniques to engage audience,
  • media skills & visual thinking,
  • managing self & group in time,
  • managing under/over-participation,
  • tackling difficult situations & stage freight;

How would our mentoring look like?

Before the session

  • 15-minutes phone call to discuss your needs and goals;
  • 20-minutes online self-assessment: your training potential;

During the session

  • discussion, demos, simulations and role playing with feedback & tips;

After the session

  • send the materials & tools used during the session;
  • Your bonus: summary report of your potential with further growth tips.


For You

- increased confidence;
- effective and successful training delivery;

For your Participants

- accelerated learning;
- knowledge and skills development;


Mentoring is dedicated to individuals who would like to have tailored advice at the time of:

  • entering the training market;
  • struggle with delivering quality workshops & training;
  • moving into a senior trainer position;
  • looking for the inspiration and upskilling.


Duration: 4h kickstarter package

Form: online or face to face (in Krakow)

Cost: visit our store

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