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About workshop

Meet John – John has recently joined a new company and within 1 month built strong image of a professional highly respected by others. How did he achieve that? Starting with aware stakeholders engagement, through conscious credibility building and ending with effective influencing skills John managed to showcase his skills within a short time frame. Interested to learn more about how to develop your own professional brand? Take a look at our workshop.

Trying to build authentic and respected image at work? Struggling to persuade others? Wishing for better relations with your stakeholders? In every action you take you are building your credibility and reputation. Make it right from the start. Join our workshop to build your own, powerful professional brand. Choose what suits best based on your values, strengths and talent.

Workshop Program

  • Welcome & intro

Part 1

  • Professional brand vs. image – defining the key terms.
  • Authenticity & values.
  • 4 cores of building credibility.

Part 2

  • 2 styles of influencing others.
  • Effective networking & stakeholder engagement (internal / external – e.g. LinkedIn)
  • Your auto presentation in business.

Wrap up: your 30-60-90.


You will KNOW

  • the difference between professional brand and image;
  • the 4 cores of building credibility;
  • the 2 influencing styles;
  • the steps for mapping out and selecting engagement approach with key stakeholders;
  • tips for effective networking.

You will FEEL

  • aware of own areas for development in building your professional brand;
  • inspired to take new actions;
  • well-prepared to implement ideas.

You will DO

  • make conscious decisions what steps to take to build your professional brand successfully;
  • communicate more effectively.

Bonuses included in the training

Your Bonus:

Stakeholder engagement toolkit


If you are:

  • about to be promoted into a new role
  • recently started a new role/job
  • lacking confidence and ideas how to showcase your skill-set
  • unsure how effective your influencing is
  • wondering how to map out and build relationships with key stakeholders

then this workshop will help you create or improve your own professional brand at work.


Length: 8 hours
Your investment: 500 PLN
Materials: workbooks
Catering: snacks

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