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Boost Your Public Speaking – Mystery Workshop

About workshop

Who would you say is the greatest speaker? What do you admire about him/her? We all have our public speaking gurus we admire. So where lies their secret to great speaking skills and do they have anything in common? More importantly, the big question is can I learn and master what they know? Good news is – you can!

Workshop Program

  • Welcome and intro

Part 1

  • Overcoming jitters (stage fright)
  • Powerful elevator pitch
  • Presentation improvisations: voice production
  • Engaging body language.
  • What’s your strategic position?
  • Facilitating discussions and Q&As.

Part 2

  • Handling objections.
  • The design tips (ppt/prezi plus engaging framework: descriptive language: storytelling, anecdotes, emotions etc.).
  • The power behind your look – guest speaker.
  • Demo practice.

Wrap up: your 30-60-90.


You will KNOW

  • the techniques for overcoming jitters (stage fright)
  • best practices for effective presentation design
  • the tips and tricks behind captivating voice production & engaging body language
  • the importance of your strategic position

You will FEEL

  • confident while presenting
  • well-prepared for handling discussions, Q&As and objections
  • motivated to practice & succeed

You will DO

  • consciously select the presentation framework that suits the audience & situation
  • deliver powerful elevator pitch for a good start
  • expand your body language and voice production to stir the interest and engage the audience

Bonuses included in the training

Bonus 1:

Voice production and body language toolkit


If you are:

  • a manager or leader
  • a specialist frequently presenting in front of the others
  • a beginner trainer
  • a person who would like to improve his/her public speaking skills

then this workshop will help you boost your presentation skills.


Length: 8 hours

Your investment: 599 PLN

Materials: workbooks

Catering: snacks

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