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Building the culture of customer excellence

About the program

Customer excellence beyond the best


Richard Branson says ‘Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients’. But is it only the employees that can make a difference for your customers’ experience? We believe that customer service mindset starts at the top, with the senior leadership, not to compromise the efforts of the frontline staff. Organizations that follow this approach have the customer service excellence embedded into the company’s culture as part of their DNA. But how to build that culture? And more importantly, how to drive customer service excellence successfully throughout the organization and be the winner in today’s extremely competitive market?

The program offers the highest quality tools and skill boosters for agents, managers and senior leaders to drive world class customer experience throughout your business. It develops not only knowledge and skills but also common understanding and commitment towards customer service excellence. The program helps your organization to establish the customer service culture as well as continue the journey of continuous improvement with a series of follow through activities. The goal is to change the attitude from ‘I have to’ to ‘I want to’ offer the best in class customer service, every day, every interaction. In return, the Company wins not only the Customers loyalty but also increases the results for quality metrics and decreases the number of escalations and complaints.

Within the program you will find 3 distinct sub-programs dedicated to all employees:

EXCEED Customer Expectations Program for frontline/back office staff. It is a series of workshops total of 5 days delivered over 6 months period. The program equips the employees with skills required to understand and set customers expectations, identify ways to meet and opportunities to exceed customer expectations, tackle challenging situations, handle email, chat and/or phone communication in a professional manner, use analytical thinking and persuasive skills. All of this to create positive customer experience and build customers loyalty;

Program outline

ESTABLISH for Senior to Top Management



Module 1: Defining Excellence in Customer Service

Module 2: Setting the vision and designing the path

Module 3: Leading change in Customer Service mindset

Program benefits

You will KNOW

  • understand the needs of customers, ways to meet and opportunities to exceed the customers expectations at all levels of the organization;
  • best practices, tools and proven solutions which drive customers satisfaction and loyalty;

You will FEEL

  • inspired to make a difference in how service is delivered to your customers;

You will DO

  • define unique to your own organization approach how to increase customer satisfaction;
  • build commitment to customer service excellence among all staff;
  • boost the customer service skills throughout the organization;
  • improve communication within and across teams;
  • improve the quality metrics and reduce number of complaints/escalations;

Bonuses included in the workshop

Bonus materials for all participants

toolkit with templates and follow through activities

Program Audience

  • ESTABLISH Customer Service Mindset Program for senior to top management
  • EMPOWER Customer Service Excellence Program  for entry to mid-level management
  • EXCEED Customer Expectations Program for frontline/back office staff


  • Duration:
    • ESTABLISH 3 days over 3 months period
    • EMPOWER 5 days over 6 months period
    • EXCEED 5 days over 6 months period
  • Max number of participants: 12
  • Trainers: Paulina Maslich, Anna Rząca
  • Materials provided: workbook for participants