SCOPE™ Mobile Application

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How would you feel if you could measure your engagement in the moment in relation to what you are about to do? How would you feel if you knew how to intervene to enhance your potential to take positive action in real time?

SCOPE™ Mobile Application

What is SCOPE™ Mobile Application?


What would be different for your life, if you could understand how to create the best outcome for whatever it is you’re about to undertake?


How would you feel if you could achieve amazing results when you approach every task or situation without stress, tension, or anxiety?


Discover SCOPE™ app


SCOPE allows you to understand what you need to shift/adjust to increase the likelihood of performing to your potential. Monitored over time, it will also reveal the patterns and tendencies that promote high performance in the workplace and in life, therefore increasing your ability to successfully lead.



SCOPE™ Mobile Application is used as integrated part of our signature programs:


How do you show up in the moment?


About SCOPE™

SCOPE™ stands for Specific Current Operational Profile of Energy– a free mobile app based on Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment, that measures your engagement, motivation & stress level in the moment in relation to what you are about to do. It reveals what’s most influencing your energy at that moment. Moreover it provides you with the means to intervene and enhance your potential to take positive action in real time.

Available in the Google Play and Apple App stores, SCOPE™ can be taken in approximately 2 minutes and can be used any time and any place to…

  • pinpoint what is causing you stress,
  • get tips to shift into high performance, and
  • consistently produce the results you want.

When to use SCOPE™:

  • when you are about to take an action or a task and you want to use your full potential,
  • when you are looking for feedback on how to increase your motivation towards a task,
  • when you what to know what influences your current performance.

SCOPE™ in short:

  • it takes 5 minutes to fill in the assessment,
  • you receive your individual results on your level of engagement in the moment and in real time,
  • you get information what influences your current performance and how to change it to bring positive results.

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