Get support in difficult and challenging situations!

We all face situations in life that cause us stress, anxiety, uncertainty. Crisis coaching is an intense, short term individual solution aimed to help you move from circle of concern into action.

Crisis <br> Coaching™

What’s your story?

Do you  know this feeling when your stress level is so high that it overclouds your judgement… it seems you are in a hopeless situation with no way out? Or maybe you found yourself suddenly in a difficult situation and are not sure what to do? This may happen when:

  • your job is insecure
  • when you loose financial stability
  • a sudden change at work/life happens
  • you are about to make a life-changing decision

When that happens don’t let the illusion of choice (i.e. past experiences) make decisions and actions for you. Choose for yourself to consciously deal with the difficult situation/challenge and put action plan in motion that will help you bring the stability in your life.

How would the coaching look like?

You can choose between a single intervention session and a package. And you decide about the subject of each meeting. The areas we can talk about might be:

  • making difficult decisions,
  • coping with stress;
  • preparing to talk to others (including employees) in a difficult situation;
  • dealing with your own fear or frustration.

With the package option intensive work (twice a week or once a week) will allow you to identify options for action on a topic of your choice. We will build an action plan to address the current situation and we will strengthen your motivation so that you could move forward.

3 key things about our coaching process:

Schedule a free coaching interview


We realize that coaching might be new to you and you may be anxious to try it out. That’s why we always start with a 15 minutes FREE coaching interview to make sure crisis coaching is the solution for you and that we are a good match. Click HERE to schedule your interview.

Choose your package


Once you decide that you would like to go ahead, then you have a choice to choose between a single 90-minutes session and a 4-hour package.

Settle the payment


We work on a pre-payment basis, i.e. before we schedule the session we would ask you to settle the payment. Click HERE to visit our store.

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