Core Energy™ Team Coaching

Build high energy teams for lasting success.

With Core Energy™ team coaching we help teams and organizations build high energy relationships, establish dynamic communication, manage change effectively, resolve conflicts constructively and embed the empowering energy into team’s DNA. Working with the Core Energy™ coaching solutions allows us to bring your team’s potential to life.

Core Energy™ Team Coaching

What’s your story?

Which team are you in? 

  • Just forming? Excited to get to work together?
  • Well established but going through a change and struggling? Or maybe ahead of a new, important project?
  • Unable to resolve internal conflicts? 
  • Lacking direction and commitment?
  • Failing to communicate openly?
  • The results are dropping? You work hard but the effectiveness is far from targets?

    Why is it worth to take part in team coaching with the Core Energy™ method?

  • The foundation of our work is the Core Energy™ methodology along with the Energy Leadership Index™ assessment. The method guarantees unique and sustainable results thanks to which the team operates to its full potential.
  • Using Core Energy™ methodology, we begin our team coaching with a group session based on 7 levels of reactions and conscious leadership (from the team’s point of view).
  • We supplement the first group session with 30-minute individual coaching based on the results of the ELI™ study.
  • Subsequent sessions develop the team’s potential in the areas of integration, communication, cooperation and commitment.
  • Our story

    We’ve been there – both as team members and leaders – at the start of a new team (we literally met on the first day in a new company!), undergoing mergers and acquisitions, implementing new processes and systems on a local and global scale, in the middle of team conflict turbulences, overwhelmed with daily tasks, lacking the direction and good communication. 

    And we know too well that there are times when despite people’s best intentions, talents, skills and potential the team is just not performing at its best. 

    As Core Energy™ coaches – with coaching solutions accredited by International Coaching Federation and tools recommended by Forbes Coaches Council – we see team coaching as a fantastic opportunity to identify and remove the blockers that prevent the team from reaching its full potential. 

    What we offer:


    • team effectiveness;
    • quality teamwork;
    • motivated & engaged team;
    • integrated team with strong relations;
    • fresh & creative look at problem solving.


    • team report from Energy Leadership Index™️ assessment;
    • individual coaching on the results of your ELI™️ assessment;
    • for employees who complete ELI™️, free access to SCOPE™️ app (Specific Current Operational Profile of Energy) – a mobile application based on ELI™️ which gives your profile of energy at any given moment with respect to the specific task you’re rating. SCOPE™️ also shows you which factors are influencing your energy state and gives you suggestions for how you can shift to a more anabolic (powerful, constructive) energy.


    • usually 4 – 6 group sessions, from 90 to 120 minutes long;
    • after first session 30 minutes individual coaching for each team member;
    • groups of 4 to 20 participants;
    • agenda and goals, number of sessions and duration are set up prior to starting team coaching;
    • variety of modalities of delivery: from active workshops, through games and simulations up to team meeting facilitation;
    • Your investment: contact us for pricing

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