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Live with courage to your full potential.

As a coach, I work mainly with women aware of their potential. By supporting you in the process of building a career path and / or developing a business, we strive for you to consciously lead your life with courage, joy and fulfillment.

Career and business Core Energy <br> Coaching™

What’s your story?

What if you lived your life to your full potential?


Were you ever thinking:

  • I would like one day to … ,
  • I wish …,
  • This is not what I want to be doing…,
  • I deserve better than this!

Each of us dreams and plans. Just as each of us sometimes thinks I don’t have enough … (courage, knowledge, money, experience etc.), it makes no sense, I can’t make it, I won’t make it, I don’t have the strength …


Very often in everyday life our internal fears, assumptions, beliefs or interpretations prevent us from living our live to its full potential. Also, the filters through which we look at the world and which determine our attitude may limit us instead of supporting.


And too often, because of our inner fears and limiting filters we end up compromising the quality of our lives, settling in for “it’s good enough as it is”.



What’s my story?

I asked myself a question how I want my life to be like over 10 years ago and since then I lived and worked around the globe as a coach, a business trainer and a leader. Delivered workshops on 4 continents, over 10 countries from USA, through Brazil, Poland, India, China or the Philippines for the biggest international companies. I bought a new house, had happy family life. Seemed like a dream life to have.


I asked myself that question again back in 2018. And I realized that what I wanted over 10 years ago hasn’t changed but it was time for me to put behind my corporate career and venture into being an entrepreneur to really bring my own potential to life.


Today I enjoy the little moments of happiness every day brings. My passion is my job and I wouldn’t change it for anything else. But I know too well what it’s like when you’re hesitating what’s best for your career, I know the highlights and the low-lights of the expatriate life, and I know that running a business takes a whole new set of skills to be successful.



If you  know you want more from life, from your career, from your business – then allow me to help you bring your potential to life.

How would the coaching look like?

I believe you have all the answers within you to be happy, fulfilled and successful. My role as a coach is to help you:

  • discover how much of your potential you use now;
  • identify what your real desires and values are;
  • discover what your inner blockers are;
  • understand the filters through which you see the world in every day versus stressful situations (based on the attitudinal assessment ELI™ recommended by Forbes Coaches Council) and how they support or limit you;
  • set achievable goals to bring your potential, values and desires to life, and what’s more important – learn what baby steps to take for quick wins and big impact;
  • grow you self-awareness, self-confidence and courage so that you could lead your life consciously after our coaching is complete.


3 key things about our coaching process:

What can you help me with?

  • career coaching (including expatriate coaching);
  • business coaching for small and medium businesses.

How does the process look like?

  • our sessions are online;
  • we start with 90 minutes discovery session;
  • 2nd session is the debrief of your ELI assessment results (also 90 minutes);
  • we continue our coaching with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly 60-minutes sessions;
  • total number of sessions is 4 to 12 depending on the package.

What do I receive if I decide to sign up?

On top of our sessions:

  • individual results of the attitudinal ELI™ assessment;
  • access to a mobile application in which you can measure at any point your attitude towards an upcoming task;
  • two 15-min emergency coaching sessions (*depending on the package).

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